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Fallen angels – not anymore Victoria’s Deepest Secret

Fallen angels – not anymore Victoria’s Deepest Secret

Recently, media all over the world were reporting about the preparation for this year upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show. On 2nd of December we will have a chance to watch an army of beautifully shaped models having been training for this event for months. This show worth $12 million is expected to bring the audience in front of the tv in a number of 800 million tune in annually. As you can imagine this enormous when it comes to advertising impact show should encourage millions of women to spend their money on bras, panties and other sleeping and exercising clothing items. Usually, that was the case: the sales after the Victoria’s Secret show were rocketing up to the sky. Well, this is not happening anymore since the VS noticed a significant drop in sold items during the last year. 

What is the reason for one of the most profitable lingerie brand around the world to lose its market share? Let’s take a look again at its advertising strategy from a social point of view:

  1. Sexy image of VS in media

Whoever has ever entered VS’s store was surrounded by dark interior design and a very subtle light. Looking around you could find lots of models’ pictures wearing the lingerie in a pretty provocative way, suggesting that it was targeting male clients. In the era of #MeToo movement, models presenting the underwear in the sensual poses are not attracting female part of society to buy the product. The most sexy underwear brand advertised quite often by teenager models has been no longer a subject of desire for women of 2018. 


2. Body image of VS

Taking into consideration current situation in social media, body diversity should no longer be an issue. That is definitely not what VS’s clients could experience. Models working for the brand who present their collections at the stores and in all kinds of media are not the ones to be blamed. Their bodies are what should look perfect because that is what is needed for the modelling industry. Nevertheless, the management chooses which models represent the brand the best and can attract the target customers. However, the VS’s clients are not only the models who spend their days with personal trainers. Women shopping in VS’s store have a whole range of body shapes and different sizes. These needs have not been satisfied by the brand which offers not as many sizes as other underwear competitors growing in sales right now,  such as Aerie. 

Victoria Secret

3. Quality image of VS

Lately, the facebook page of the brand has been regularly visited by unsatisfied consumers. Some of their comments pointed out the poorer quality for the same or even higher price compared with their purchases in the past. “I’m done buying PINK and Victoria’s Secret clothing. Stop raising prices and lowering quality”, “Just wanted to let you know Victoria, that your REAL secret is out: Your stores are understaffed, your lingerie is being ever more shoddily made, and your sales associates vacillate between disinterested, openly hostile, and completely inept.” – these were just the examples of dissatisfied customers openly complaining about the brand on the official VS’s facebook page. 

Who is the winner in a financial battle that VS is currently going through?

Let’s meet a new American’s favourite underwear retailer: Aerie. A brand belonging to American Eagle Outfitters, which has been called a ‘real threat’ to VS is addressing the current needs of female shoppers. 


  1. Comfortable image of Aerie in media

First of all, contrary to dark interior of Victoria Secret’s stores, the visit in Aerie brings to mind some regular clothing experience without a sexualised atmosphere. Moreover, shopping in Aerie makes women feel comfortable in their own skin. Surrounded by models pictures of different sizes and shapes, all women can find something for themselves. Not always sexy, but definitely embracing comfort. 

  1. Body image of Aerie

Secondly, Aerie gives women a chance to find their perfect fit by offering a wider selection of sizes in their stores. The models in their campaigns are called ‘real women’ with their stretch marks or extra kilograms that were not photoshopped. What is even more, the brand started featuring models with disabilities and imperfections being a standout in the fashion industry. It all gives you a clear message – you are ok as you are and it should no longer be a problem to buy something so basic as underwear. 

  1. Quality image of Aerie

A reaction of clients in social media describes the products of Aerie as high quality ones and ethically manufactured. Underwear was not only found affordable but also durable, made of soft and comfortable fabrics. Women do not seem to be upset because they cannot buy satin or silk items. In that case, cotton comfort is what this brand is famous for. 

Brands dependent on females’ purchases should take a closer look if they are keeping track of what is going on in the society. Women have gotten tired of a perfect body image that was targeting their insecurities in order to buy more of everything that would make them more of …something but themselves. Additionally, what could be more important than a feeling of comfort while wearing your underwear pieces almost all the time. It is ok to be comfortable and at ease. Let’s breathe…. 



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