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La Domenica dell’arte – cultural Sunday in Milano Part 1

La Domenica dell’arte – cultural Sunday in Milano Part 1

WHERE: Fondazione Prada Milano Osservatorio

TRAINING HUMANS by Kate Crawford | Trevor Paglen


‘How do Artificial Intelligence systems see the world?’ That was a question which an AI researcher Kate Crawford tried to answer while creating the ‘Training Humans’ exhibition. An artist and researcher Trevor Paglen focused on ‘dataset that could account for the entire world of objects’. Collecting a huge number of images allows AI to create patterns and categorised people more in a judgemental than purely descriptive manner.

What role does AI play in your life? How much is it going to change our daily functioning while implemented on a bigger scale? Are we ready for it? Are YOU ready?

milano_training humans2
milano_training humans3
milano training humans 4

Think for a second about ‘(…) the ways in which people are training machines and machines are training people’ as Kate Crawford said. A perfect closing dilemma for this thought-provoking exhibition.

milano_training humans5

Finally some time for something DOLCE 🙂


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