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Beauty industry is going through a lot of changes currently. The whole society focus has been shifted toward environment, yet at the same time it has been putting the clients as individuals on the pedestal. Firstly, sustainability’s importance can no longer be neglected by any industry, not mentioning the one that packs most of it products in plastic boxes and bottles. Secondly, customers want to feel special and their individual needs are strongly considered in the growing market of personalised products.

There is an opportunity arising for those who are not willing to buy what has been offered to them but rather take part in creating products on their own. ‘Do it yourself’ is not only what had attracted customers to the furniture brand like Ikea in the first place but is also trying to respond to the needs of cosmetics buyers. Feeling responsible and included in the process of a product creation is what beauty industry tries to do to win over demanding clients.


The brand tried to attract their clients by simply letting them work on their own cosmetics in original lab coats in their popup-store in Berlin. In Mai 2017 Essence celebrated its 15th birthdays and due to this occasion they offered ingredients and colours needed to create a lipstick or a nail polish in your own style. Fun + being a part of the creation process = clients interest.

Is there a better way for make-up fans to spend their afternoon than designing their own nail polish colour? Can there be an easier solution for fashion fanatics to find a nail polish of a colour that is perfectly matching their millennial peach it-bag than just scan the colour with the La Nail Revolution machine on their own and just get it done? Simple, huh?


Not only make-up cosmetics can be created on your own. What about beauty care? The brand Freshistry took care of it. On their website you can simple start by picking your skin and hair type, choosing the base and selecting the herbs. At the end not only you can include a fragrance and colour but also find the name for the product on your own.

If there is anything that a client is not sure regarding the cosmetic creation process, a free consultation is available there to help. Brands don’t want their buyers to feel overwhelmed with a variety of the choice. By giving the customers freedom regarding their decisions, they don’t want them to feel lost at any stage so no worries, there is plenty of support on the way to create your own personalised cosmetics without know-how.


There is a slightly different story related to the upcoming DIY beauty machine. In this case, you don’t need to leave the house to produce your beauty creams. The brand went a step further by proposing a DIY machine for cosmetics that you can operate at home. Since its design brings up to mind a hard-to-omit resemblance to a trendy coffee machine why not give it a try and prepare your own creams with a support of an Emuage app that not only informs you about the process details but also takes into consideration your skin’s needs based on your own lifestyle. You can enjoy a ‘tailored’ freshly made cream at your own house in just several minutes when the only process manufacturer is you! Future of cosmetics? Let’s see how the Emouage will change the beauty industry.


Isn’t it a high time that consumers start to look for some unique fragrances instead of buying the most advertised perfumes bottle and smell like their colleagues? Some high class perfumes brands have been willing to meet the challenge and offered the opportunity to design your own fragrance. Not only you can receive some instructions how to find the right aromas for your own skin and your personality but you can actively build them from scratch. Is it just the matter of the price or exclusivity of your individualised perfumes or is it something that should stay exclusive forever?

Some brands, like for example Roja Dove guarantees that the once created scent will not be sold to more than 50 customers in the whole world. It is an expensive service but still provides the customer with certainty that the fragrance will no longer be available for anybody else than for first 50 scents owners. If this doesn’t make a client feel special and unique then what could?

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