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Sometimes it takes only one hour to leave the city full of bikes and to find yourself in a place like from a fairy tale. This time I would like to present you one of the most charming areas next to Copenhagen. Museum of Modern Art, such as Louisiana belongs to the check points for tourists’ visiting Denmark. However, my experience shows that a quick trip to Louisiana in the middle of the week will help you avoid the crowds. Random visit during weekdays will make you enjoy your meeting with the art in a nice and peaceful atmosphere.


After arriving at Humlebæk Station you can quickly spot the characteristic sign directing to the museum. 10 minutes walk prepares for the artistic experience by calming down the nerves in a beautiful Scandinavian city, which has not so much in common with the vibrant spirit of central Copenhagen. Heading deeper to the city you can find this amazingly cute and welcoming building where the art meets design.


At the entrance you should also save some time for the museum shop. For me it was already an exhibition itself. I found numerous fascinating photography albums, fashion and design literature, as well as interestingly illustrated books for children that I could not force myself to stop looking around!


And here comes more…..


Those, interested in Scandinavian fashion design would also be glad to discover the whole section in the museum shop where you might purchase some wool pieces for winter or basically find some original t-shirts from high quality fabrics. Not surprisingly, you have also a chance to buy very unique accessories that work perfect as a gift from Denmark. Not a cliché one but rather utterly special. 


Even if something was a regular blanket or a very practical everyday tool there was always a way to present it as if it was a designer piece. Take a look here:


Once I was ready with exploring the variety of beauty pieces for purchasing, I finally could explore and enjoy every corner of the exhibitions prepared for that day. It is important to remember that certain artists and themes are presented in Louisiana only for a certain period of time and then something new to discover is coming. That time I had a privilege to ‘experience’ KUSAMA INSTALLATION. Why experience? Several senses where activated while entering the Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama, which were installed in a form of four by four meters space. Entering the darkness with lights that change the colours was an amazing feeling.

Louisiana15_Stylish&WiseLouisiana16_Stylish&Wise     Louisiana3_Stylish&Wise

No matter what the museum currently displays I gratefully come back again just to spend some time in the outstanding interior design. Not only walls and installations were full of art but the whole space of the building was bringing to mind exquisite Scandinavian style. Very spacious, with proper light, easy access to the green area with an outstanding view made the trip to Louisiana very pleasant and filled with great memories!


That is what I call THE view!


If you ever decide to go to Louisiana, I wish you as magnificent time as I had here!






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